By clicking the T & C's box on the registration form, I confirm I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below. 
In addition, when participating in Ballet En Avant's services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to the classes. Any participation in Ballet En Avant's classes will constitute acceptance of this agreement.


1. Term fees must be paid at the start of each term or at the beginning of enrolment. Failure to do so may mean your child's position is not secured.

2. All fee's are non refundable.

3. Trial class payment must be made before class begins.


3. All children must be enrolled through the Ballet En Evant online enrolment form before participating in a ballet class.

4. I may enrol my child at anytime throughout the year

5. 1 trial class is offered for new students only. All trial classes are $18. To register for a trial class go to our class registration page to complete the form.

Viewing and participation: 

6. If my child is enrolled in Sylphs, one parent or guardian must participate in the class with the child.

7. If my child is enrolled in Cygnets I must wait outside the class room. There are glass windows I can see through.


8. By enrolling my child at Ballet En Avant I give permission for photographs and videos to be taken of my child whilst participating in classes run by Ballet En Avant. 

9. By enrolling my child at Ballet En Avant I give Ballet En Evant permission to use photographs and videos in a lawful manner across social media. this includes print and online marketing material used by Ballet En Evant. 

10. I can withdraw this permission of sections 7 and 8 by giving Ballet En Avant written notice. Withdrawal will not apply to photos and videos taken before the date of withdrawal.

Release and Indemnity

11. Enrolling my child in classes at Ballet En Avant I am aware that participation of my child in ballet classes carries inherent risks of injury to my child.  I agree to release Ballet En Avant and any employee of Ballet En Avant from liability for any injuries to myself or my child while attending classes at Ballet En Avant. 

Personal Information

12. Ballet En Avant will not disclose any personal information to a third party (excluding teaching and administration staff). Personal information is used for information and contact purposes only.